Sent: Living the Missional Nature of the Church

Here’s a brief 8 minute Sent audio file by Ed Stezter discussing the Missional nature of the Church.  From his discussion do you agree or disagree with his statement that the Church has lost its “sentness.” If so, what do you attribute this to?  Second, how would you describes Jesus’ mission? What texts of Scripture support this?  Why is recovering the nature and mission of the Church essential in our post Christian society?

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Barth on the Being and Task of the Missional Church


As His community it points beyond itself. At bottom it can never consider its own security, let alone its appearance. As His community it is always free from itself. In its deepest and most proper tendency it is not churchly, but worldly—the Church with open doors and great windows, behind which it does better not to close itself in upon itself again by putting in pious stained-glass windows. It is holy in its openness to the street and even the alley, in its turning to the profanity of all human life—the holiness which, according to Rom. 12:5, does not scorn to rejoice with them that do rejoice and to weep with them that weep. Its mission is not additional to its being. It is, as it is sent and active in its mission. It builds up itself for the sake of its mission and in relation to it.  (CD IV, 725)

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